Kevin Kelly

Full Stack Software Engineer [ pdf ]


I'm a software engineer and a lifelong coder who is looking for new opportunities.


Benchprep | Software Engineer | August 2018 to present

  • Developed and maintained a large enterprise SaaS B2B learning platform as part of an agile project team of designers, developers and QA engineers
  • Built and maintained a converter to process XML books into HTML documents, suitable for ingesting into a content API
  • Implemented new features including learner certificates awarded on course completion, a new continuous learning modality, a new question taking experience, and a new user portal.
  • Created and maintained multiple new channels for peer to peer help between developers, including a slack channel, confluence documentation called Snack and Learns, and Stack Overflow for teams.
  • Participated in numerous spikes to determine the viability of using Vuejs more widely on our platform.
  • Created and ran numerous educational presentations for the engineering team.

Fullstack Academy | Boot Camp Prep Instructor | April 2018 to April 2019

  • Conducted lectures on JavaScript and supervises in-class workshops
  • Helped students debug their code and troubleshoot blockers during workshops

Improv Resource Center | Owner | May 2016 - November 2017

  • Built Ruby on Rails application for class promotion and sign up (see above)
  • Installed, customized and maintained several WordPress sites
  • Produced streaming video content, live coaching sessions and audio podcasts

Under the Gun Theater | Co-owner and Artistic Director | July 2013 - May 2016

  • Solo developed website using Ruby on Rails
  • Solo developed website to keep track of bar's inventory
  • Created content for several social media accounts

Other Projects | 2000 - present

  • A php site, built from scratch with custom template system and admin dashboard. Built in 2000 and still works with latest versions of PHP
  • Del Close Marathon, built several early versions of this site in PHP, handled festival submissions, created algorithm to aid in the selection process, and a web calender listing all shows
  • Chicago Improv Festival, built a submission system in Ruby on Rails
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